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Landmark is considered part of EverQuest Next, although it is also a separate entity. This is made up of persistent worlds where players have Minecraft-like tools to create whatever they desire with the voxel-based editor. Players will explore worlds, gather materials, build custom creations and then can earn real world cash by selling what they have built in the Player Studio!

At Gamescon 2013, several important factors had been announced regarding Landmark. EQNext Fans has a news article, including the Twitch stream (please see here for the SOELive reveal). Highlights include:

  • Methods of quick travel: Ley Lines, Waypoints and Mounts
  • Tinting armor: players can find resources to further customize their armor
  • Landmark will be a fully functional, standalone MMO in addition to having close ties and tie-ins with EQN
    • Guild structuring
    • Friends list
    • Co-op builds
    • Text chat
    • Built-in VoIP
    • SOEmote
    • Leaderboards
  • Leaderboards will allow for friendly competition within Landmark, where players may vote on others who contribute to the community
  • Player Studio will have additional tools added to it to make its accessibility within Landmark even more functional
  • Characters may be ported from Landmark to EverQuest Next on day one of EQN
  • Adventurer class: players may choose to be an adventurer in Landmark
    • This will allow for day one multiclassing in EQN, with character porting

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