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Dragon Concept Art

Like other areas of EverQuest Next, the game lore has been stripped down and built back up. One way that the lore will be introduced to fans is through a series of regularly released eBooks that will be posted to Another way is through the EverQuest Worlds app! Lore has always been a huge part of the EverQuest franchise, including websites dedicated to sections of lore itself. In EverQuest II, players could find out more lore in game by collecting pages to put together readable books. eBooks will be a way to learn the lore of EverQuest Next before the game is available for the general public to play, but whether or not there will be a similar system to collect lore is not known.

The lore for EverQuest Next is broken down into four eras, or times when a major civilization had a rule or great influence over the land. Within each era are several ages. These ages do not define the majority civilization, but they do mark when large changes in history are created, such as wars. Please see the lore timeline for the full story leading up to EverQuest Next!

Religion has also been rewritten for EverQuest Next. Some recognizable gods will be heard of, while new ones will also appear. Gods have been arranged into four belief systems to match the civilizations who worship them.

Videos for the Lore Panel Discussion at SOE Live are available at EQNext Fans!

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