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Concept Art for the Subterranean Parts of Everfrost

Everfrost, training grounds of Barbarians, land where the mighty city of Halas resides, and home to gnolls, is an icy tundra where only the bravest survive the harsh winters. Unlike the other two games in the EverQuest franchise, Everfrost of EverQuest Next will have subterranean catacombs for exploring!

Everfrost lore from EverQuest:

Part of the frigid plains of northern Antonica, the Everfrost Peaks are the barbarians' gateway into Norrath. Everfrost is divided into two areas: In the west are the snow gorges, located outside the entrances to Halas in the North and BlackBurrow in the South, and home to many wandering low level goblins, polar bears, and wolves.
East of the gorges are the plains. Mammoths, leopards, orcs, undead, and spiders wander this area; creature levels increasing the further east you go. At the eastern edge of the plains is the stronghold of Permafrost, guarded by Lady Vox's ice giants.
A frozen river provides cover over a hidden entrance to an underground cave system. Should you choose to venture here, watch for the aggressive lich Miragul, the host of icebone skeletons, and massive glacier bears which occupy the caves.
Frequented by blinding snowsqualls and traversed by aggressive goblins, orcs, undead, and wildlife, Everfrost provides one of the more challenging experiences for new adventurers.

Everfrost lore from EverQuest II:

The region of Everfrost was torn asunder during the great cataclysm, leaving behind several dangerously scarred isles. An equally perilous lagoon should not be approached without caution, as there have been reports of megalodons patrolling the waters in search of blood.
Halas, home of the northmen, is no more. The city was rent by the celestial fireballs that rained down upon Norrath during the cataclysm. Those who survived the initial disaster either fled the region or were consumed by the unleashed hunger of the land. As time went on, Everfrost turned from an inviting homeland to a treacherous glacial wasteland, devoid of floral plant life or any semblance of mercy.